Why I Prefer Wusthof Knives

wusthof knife

My mom, browsing my Amazon wishlist one day, saw this listed there. She emailed me immediately to ask why I would ever want a knife that is that expensive. Aren’t the knives that she gave me as a housewarming gift good enough? They are dishwasher-safe and have a lifetime warranty, she reminded me.

I had to explain that while the knives she gave me were nice, they don’t even compare to my Wusthofs. My Wusthof knives retain an amazing sharpness (even when I’m a little lazy about sharpening them). Their balance is unparalleled. The handle fits my hand perfectly. The knives that she sent me always feel dull in comparison, and the handle is simply uncomfortable.

I consider a good cook’s knife to be essential for anyone who cooks. The question of which cook’s knife to buy depends on the person who will be using it. There are two different questions: which model to purchase, and which length to purchase.

There are two main knife manufacturers: Wusthof and Henckels. I think that Wusthof knives are better made. However, some people prefer the handles on the Henckels. The Henckels handle is extremely uncomfortable for me, so I don’t even consider them.
The second question is that of length. If you are taller, you will want a longer knife. Shorter people will want a shorter knife. I stand at 5’7″ (170cm), and find that the 8″ knife is most comfortable for slicing and chopping. My best friend is about an inch taller than me and also prefers this knife. A friend who is a couple of inches shorter than me prefers the 6″ cook’s knife.

If you have never purchased high-quality knives before, I would recommend that you go to a traditional store and try them out first. You want to see if the handle is comfortable and if the balance is right for you. Then come back here and order it — the Amazon price is much better than that found in any kitchen speciality or upscale department store.

Also, if you have never purchased high-quality knives before, I would recommend two other purchases: a knife holder of some sort and a sharpening steel. The former, which doesn’t need to be very expensive at all (my best friend has one that cost him less a dollar; it is simply a plastic tray with slits for holding the blades), keeps the blade from getting nicked while it’s sitting in your drawer. The latter keeps the blade nice and sharp. You should sharpen your knives every time you use them. This isn’t very difficult, nor is it very time-consuming, but it keeps your knives in perfect condition.

I am extremely happy with my Wusthof knife. I am slowly growing my knife collection. You will always find one of these knives on my wishlist. Even my mother has come around — after experiencing these Wusthof knives herself, she bought one for herself, and sent me the 6″ cleaver as a birthday gift!

By Nadyne Richmond


Get the Best Kitchen Knives

We all watch cooking shows(most of us at least). Probably everyone has a vivid memory of when the chef carefully brings out his set of knives from their cloth sleeve and with the same gentleness, picks up a particular knife from the set and uses it, replacing it when he is done. When we look at the way a chef handles a knife, especially when dicing or cutting, there is this air of skill and certainty, as though the knife is enabling the chef achieve his goals. The best rated chef knives would do that. It doesn’t look like it but the knives a chef uses in his dish, its quality and ergonomics affect greatly the quality of the final product and that is why a great chef always treasures his knives. This is why many at times, chefs are willing to shell out good money to obtain the best rated chef knives on the market. (Source: A compilation of my best kitchen knives, TopNotchGourmet)

When most of us are beginning to learn how to cook, the importance of the using a good knife seams less of a concern, but as we progress you will realize that the importance of a good knife can never be underestimated. Only a single experience with a high quality knife and you will never go back. From a personally experience I had never understood why professional cooks were so much into the use of best kitchen knives until I tried one, this has changed my attitude and I have always kept up with new knives which seems to be of better quality and better design. I have complied some of the best knife sets and the top rated kitchen knives I have used and I will share them with you.

The Mac MTH chef’s knife with Dimples is one of the best kitchen knives I have used. This is a Japanese made knife which combines effectiveness and durability. I particularly loved its razor sharp blade which sliced through a variety of groceries and vegetables with ease. It has been made using carbon and this makes it to stay sharp for longer durations. My love for different knifes lead me to other knives but at times I use this knife, just to enjoy its quality and sharpness.

Tojiro DP is another fascinating knife that I have come across. It has a Western style design. It has a similar shape to the Mac knife though it has been manufactured using steel. This knife is relatively easy to balance while using it .It’s durability is also top notch. The only issue I discovered with this knife is that people with big hands had problems using this knife.

The Wusthof Ikon has particularly been designed for heavy task. It is a German drop-forged knife. It has a thin blade which makes smooth cuts through carrots or butternuts among others. It is also great for peeling the skin from a butternut squash. The only issue with this knife is the fact that it has been made using a softer steel making it to dull faster than the above two knives.

Wusthof Pro is a perfect knife for those who set a smaller budget to cater for knife expenses. It retails around $25. It has a big cushy handle and it is sharp to the right degree. Due to the big handle, it is best suited for those individuals with big hands.

Henckels professional S chef knife is also another knife which deserves to be in the best kitchen knives category .This knife has been made form a hunk of steel. Its handle makes it stand out due to the classic design. This knife is nicely balanced and will not tire your hands easily. It also has the ability to stay sharp for a long duration.

Knives are constantly being produced; keeping up with different manufactures is always a challenge. Though, once you start using top class knives, you will keep up with different best kitchen knives in the market without even realizing.

Knife Sharpening Tips from Japanese Knife Maker

The traditional test to see whether a knife is sharp is to reach behind your head and cut into a hair,” Jonathan Broida, owner of Japanese Knife Imports, explains at a knife sharpening demonstration at his Beverly Hills Shop. “Don’t try it here,” he cautions.

It’s not every day that a third-generation master knife sharpener from a company with roots back to the 17th century comes to town. Broida had invited Mamoru Morimoto from the knifemaking town of Sakai, Japan, to give a demonstration to his customers.

Taught by his father and his grandfather, Morimoto was certified as a Master of Japanese Traditional Crafts for blade grinding and sharpening by Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 2012. That’s a very big deal.

For two hours Morimoto showed a group of 30 chefs and knife enthusiasts how to sharpen both double-beveled and single-beveled Japanese knives. He also had some tips about caring for knives that every cook should know. Check out some of the best knife sharpeners here.

knife sharpener

Home cooks should have their knives professionally sharpened every once in awhile to ensure proper edge geometry and good knife care. Chefs should sharpen their knives every day and only come in to have their knives professionally sharpened when there’s a problem with a blade.

Broida has put up a whole series of YouTube videos that show everything you’d ever want to know about knife sharpening in great detail.

More about buying kitchen knives here.

Best Movie I’ve Watched 2013


Directed by Adam Wingard (A Horrible Way to Die, V/H/S), You’re Nexthad its world premiere at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival only to collect dust on a shelf for two years. Luckily, after a successful screening at this year’s South by Southwest film Festival, Wingard’s home-invasion horror flick will be released by Lionsgate in August.

The movie follows Crispian Davidson (A.J. BowenThe House of the Devil) as he brings his new girlfriend (Sharni Vinson) along to celebrate his parent’s wedding anniversary. The family’s reunion is derailed, however, when a gang of murders in creepy animal masks begin to hunt the family down one by one with brutal precision.

You’re Next is kind of like Die Hard meets Home Alone meets Them if it was directed by ’80s John Carpenter. Amongst the family is a survivalist expert who does everything right that so many slasher victims do wrong. The expert doesn’t run upstairs – doesn’t trip in the woods – instead they immediately survey the situation and batten down the hatches – rigging up traps and securing weapons for the family as they attempt to survive the attack.

You’re Next is a smart, scary, altogether hilarious take on the horror genre that cleverly subverts expectations and plays with the genre’s cliches to create a love letter to ’80s slasher movies. Wingard’s film is an endlessly entertaining horror-comedy with genuine scares and big laughs. You’re Next hits theaters on August 23.